As important elements in the co-curricular options offered at The University of Alabama, student organizations offer group members opportunities to enhance, explore, apply, practice, and integrate knowledge and skills gained through pursuit of academic study. They also provide effective support and assistance to students at The University of Alabama within the context of the broader teaching, research, and service missions of the institution.

The Office of Student Involvement administers the University’s policies requiring registration for all student organizations. Student organization registrations remain valid through the academic year. All registration forms and information are available online via the mySOURCE organization management portal. The Office of Student Involvement (SI) and The SOURCE Board of Directors manages that process and assists in sharing the responsibilities of student organizations and their relationship with UA to current leadership and advisers.

Registered student organizations are private, voluntary associations and are not official components of The University of Alabama. Registration allows student organizations to enjoy basic privileges granted by the institution when the organization meets minimum standards for registered status. Registration does not imply University approval of the organization or the activities of the organization; and The University of Alabama and the Office of Student Involvement (SI) in no way accept liability for the actions of registered student organizations. More information about the policies and procedures related to registered student organizations is available in the Student Organization Handbook, as maintained by the Office of Student Involvement.

Registration Benefits

  • Standard benefits available to student organizations completing the registration process include:
    Use of University facilities including The University of Alabama Student Center meeting rooms (free of charge or at a discounted rate)
  • Sponsorship of events, on-campus solicitation, and fundraising activities
  • Organization mail services
    • Eligibility to obtain a student organization e-mail address from OIT.
    • Obtain a web presence through the mySOURCE organization management portal, which also serves as a historical documentation vehicle for organization history.
  • Eligibility to apply for SGA Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) funding in accordance with University procedures and regulations.
  • Eligibility to register on-campus events utilizing the Online Event Planning Process.
  • Computer and Copier Use in The SOURCE.
  • Opportunity to participate in Fall & Spring “Get On Board Day.”
  • Access to mySOURCE online organization management system and inclusion in the Student Organization Directory (whether online or print format).
  • Access to consultation with Office of Student Involvement professional staff on organizational issues (e.g., conflict resolution, retreats, officer transition, etc.).
  • Free advertising of programs/activities in the UA Student Center in approved locations and other campus locations where applicable (e.g., chalking, bulletin boards, etc. ).
  • Opportunity for recognition through the SAL Awards Banquet.
  • Access to grant opportunities through the SOURCE Collaborative Grant, the University Programs RFP process, and/or the Bama Dining Food Grant program.
  • Access to Pepsi products provided via our contract with Buffalo Rock.
  • Eligibility to apply for premier office space.
  • Access to services provided by The SOURCE Board of Directors.

Registration of New Organizations, Defunct Organizations, and Inactive Organizations

All student organizations considered new (meaning they have not yet been created) or defunct/inactive for one [1] year or more must complete the following process to be considered for official recognition:

Review the “Create An Org” Packet found under the resources tab of The SOURCE. Privileges afforded prospective student organizations are limited to use of UA Student Center meeting space up to three (3) times within 30 days after submitting their online application and being approved for Provisional Status, permission to publicize meetings for membership recruitment and to complete the registration process, and pre-registration advising (if needed) from the Office of Student Involvement concerning organization and registration participation in “Get On Board Day.”

*Please note that organizations under “Provisional Status” may meet on campus for organizational purposes only and do not receive standard privileges of sponsoring events or soliciting funds until the organization completes the registration process, 50% of their sustainability goals, and are removed from “Provisional Status.”

The following process must be completed for anyone interested in starting a prospective group or re-initiating a defunct or inactive organization:

  1. Complete New Student Organization Registration Form online via mySOURCE, which should include:
    1. the names, campus-wide ID numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and acknowledgement of student officers (with a a minimum requirement of a President, Vice-President, and Treasurer).
    2. the name(s), campus address, campus phone number, and acknowledgement of a full-time member of The University of Alabama faculty or staff willing to serve as adviser to the organization.
    3. the acknowledgement of at least ten (10) currently enrolled University of Alabama students interested in organizational membership who have given you permission to submit their names and email addresses.*
  2. Submit via mySOURCE one (1) electronic copy of the organizational constitution and by-laws (required format available from the Office of Student Involvement or The SOURCE website).
  3. submit via mySOURCE one (1) electronic copy of the constitution and by-laws of any related or affiliated national organization (if applicable).
  4. submit 4 Sustainability Goals to indicate what steps will be taken by the organization to recruit, sustain, and remain relevant.
  5. complete the mandatory New Organization Workshop in their 1st month and SOURCE Officers Academy.
  6. attend a provisional status “Clearance Meeting” (if requested by SI administrators) and provide proof of completion of at least 50% of their designated Sustainability Goals in the 1st month via email or the designated method, as well as completion of the online process, mandatory new organization meetings, and any other training or resources deemed necessary by SI.

*Unless otherwise requested in writing or email by the organization, officers’ and adviser’s names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as general information included in registration documents, may be used to compile the Online Student Organization Directory and for mailing purposes.

Conditions for Maintaining Registration

To maintain registered status, previously registered student organizations must renew registration each fall or spring semester based on their designated registration window. The Fall registration window is from March 15th – October 15th. The Spring registration window is from November 15th- February 15th. By completing the online Student Organization Renewal Process within the window of the organization’s designated registration, organizations can ensure compliance with all current UA policies and procedures that govern students and/or student organizations. The following steps are included:

  1. Registered student organizations are responsible for submitting online via mySOURCE a Student Organization Renewal each year during their registration period and sending updates via the “Change of Officer/Adviser Form” during the academic year ANY TIME there is an election or appointment of new officers, or when changes occur in the organizational officers, official faculty/staff advisers, mailing addresses of officers/advisers, and/or phone numbers of designated representatives.
  2. Registered student organizations must submit a copy of their constitution and by-laws online via mySOURCE in conjunction with their renewal EVERY year and any time there is a change.
  3. Registered student organizations must notify the Office of Student Involvement (SI) in writing via letter or email when changes occur in the general status of the organization (inactive, defunct, name change, etc.). Changes to constitutional documents should also be reported at all times.
  4. To maintain registered status at The University of Alabama, student organizations affiliated/associated with a national/international organization or designated as chapters of national/inter-national organizations must retain official recognition by the national/international association and will be asked to supply proof of that relationship on a yearly basis and if/when in question.
  5. If the organization allows membership to include non-University of Alabama students, at least 50% plus one (1) of the total membership must remain currently enrolled University of Alabama students.
  6. All student organizations shall conduct affairs in a lawful manner and in accordance with the constitution and by-laws on file in mySOURCE for that registration period, which is the official filing mechanism of the Office of Student Involvement (SI), and with all applicable University policies and regulations, city ordinances, and state statutes and federal law.

Withdrawal and Denial of Registration

No student organization will be officially registered with The University of Alabama if the Office of Student Involvement (SI) determines that the organizational activities are detrimental to the academic and/or educational missions of the University.

  1. If the Office of Student Involvement (SI) denies registration of a new student organization, SI will notify the president and adviser of the organization in writing of the decision to deny registration. The organization denied registration may appeal in writing to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs within five (5) University working days from the date of the denial notification correspondence. The decision of the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs is final.
  2. The Office of Student Involvement reserves the right to withdraw registration of a student organization for 1) failure to comply with regulations governing students and student groups, or 2) loss of recognition by or membership in its respective national/international organization.
    1. The Office of Student Involvement (SI) will notify the president and adviser of the organization in writing about the proposed withdrawal of registration and the reason(s) for proposed withdrawal of registration.
    2. Within five [5] University working days of the date of proposed registration withdrawal correspondence, the organization must show cause why registration should not be withdrawn, if it chooses to do so.
    3. Should the organization choose not to show cause or should the Office of Student Involvement (SI) determine justifications for retaining registration to be inadequate, the Office of Student Involvement will notify the president and adviser of the organization in writing of the actual withdrawal of registration, the reason(s) for withdrawal of registration, and the effective date of withdrawal of registration.
    4. The organization may appeal withdrawal of registration in writing to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs within five (5) University working days from the date of registration withdrawal correspondence. If the organization fails to appeal withdrawal of registration within the specified time period, the decision of the Office of Student Involvement is final.
    5. Concerning organizational appeals of withdrawal of registration by the Office of Student Involvement, the decision of the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs is final.
Should an organization have questions or concerns regarding these policies, members should refer to the Student Organization Handbook for details and for the most up-to-date information and procedures.

Organization Misconduct

  1. The following regulations are located in the Student Handbook that is available from the Division of Student Affairs. Please make members aware of the regulations. If a violation of the Student Code of Conduct is believed to have occurred, the judicial procedures laid out in the Student Handbook will be followed.
    Article IV
    1. Organizational Misconduct: Student organizations enrich the campus and community by providing a source of intellectual, personal, and social development of students through their programs and activities. The University fulfills an important mission by providing procedures and policies for the registration of student organizations, and it is the obligation of each organization to conduct activities in accordance with University rules, policies, and any applicable laws.
    2. Responsibility of Officers: A fundamental aspect of any organization is the right of the membership to elect officers who serve to ensure, among their other duties, that the activities of the organization are conducted properly. It is the responsibility of the officers of each student organization to ensure that the organization complies with this Code of Conduct and to actively oppose and prevent any planned organizational activity which would violate the Code of Conduct. It is also the obligation of the officers of any student organization to advise and counsel individual members of their organization whose conduct could lead to misconduct charges against the organization, as provided herein.

Organization Responsibility for Organization Actions

Student organizations will be held responsible for misconduct in the following circumstances:

  1. When the organization fails to comply with a duty imposed by a written University policy, including, but not limited to, improper membership education and initiation, improper organizational registration of activities for which registration and/or permit is required.
  2. Failure to comply with applicable health and safety regulations; misuse of University property, facilities, and equipment; violations of University regulations on the use of alcohol; and violations of any other rule or policy applicable to organizations.
  3. When one or more officers refuse or neglect to perform their duties under this code as described above in Article IV.

Organization Responsibility for Individual Acts of Misconduct

  1.  The organization will be held responsible for the actions of one or more of its members, who violate this Code of Conduct, when the actions arise in the course of or derive from the activities of the organization. In situations other than those described in (1) above the organization may be held responsible for a member or members’ misconduct when, prior to such misconduct, a member or members have committed acts of misconduct the nature of which has caused the Student Involvement Office to be concerned that the organization is not conducting activities in a manner which discourages such conduct, and the Student Involvement Office has notified the organization that further occurrences of such conduct by one or more members will result in disciplinary actions against the organization. Examples of such violations include, but are not limited to, offenses against persons, offenses against property, alcohol abuse, and illegal drug use. The notice will be in sufficient detail to notify the officers of the precise nature of the offenses and the length of time the notice shall be effective.

Organization Training

  1. The Office of Student Involvement is committed to creating an environment that encourages leadership development and inspires active engagement among students at The University of Alabama. For this reason, we will continue to provide tools and resources to develop successful student organizations.
  2. The executive members of each student organization are required to participate in and attend at least one student organization enrichment experience per semester. Experiences and types of opportunities will vary. However, in particular, the Office of Student Involvement hosts the SOURCE Officers Academy, the Power Hour Series, and the New Organization Workshop, which are all viable options. The Office of Student Involvement also partners with Crossroads Community Center to endorse any student organization leader who participates in the Sustained Dialogue course.

Organization Disputes and Mediation

Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or relating to the interpretation or application of a student organization constitution, inclusive of organizational bylaws, if applicable, shall be settled by the primary adviser of record for the student organization.  In the event that the primary adviser is unavailable, is a party to the dispute, or is unable or unwilling to resolve the dispute, then the issue shall be submitted to the Office of Student Involvement for binding arbitration.  Requests for arbitration must be submitted in writing and include:

  1. The name of the student organization.
  2. The name and contact information of the individual(s) filing the request.
  3. The specific act(s) or circumstances(s) alleged to constitute the basis of the complaint.
  4. The remedy requested.

Upon receipt of a full and complete request for arbitration, the Office of Student Involvement will assign the request to an Arbitrator, who will review the materials in order to determine if additional information or materials are necessary to inform a binding decision.  If additional information is deemed necessary or appropriate, the Arbitrator will conduct additional fact finding to his/her satisfaction, which may include requesting additional written statements, conducting in-person interviews, or holding formal hearings.  The final decision of the Arbitrator will be the final and exclusive remedy of the parties for all claims, counterclaims, issues, or accountings presented or pled to the arbitrator.

Should both parties agree, disputes can also be handled through the Mutual Mediation Process and a mediator will be assigned by the Office of Student Involvement (SI) and parties will discuss outcomes to be agreed upon in an official mediation contract.

Ethics and UA/Federal Guidelines

Hazing Policy

The University of Alabama (“the University”) is committed to maintaining a supportive educational environment that seeks to enhance the well being of all members of its community. This commitment reflects the institution’s adherence to its mission, to its various policies supporting its mission, and to relevant state and federal laws.  Consistent with that commitment, the University has implemented the following policy on hazing.

Prohibition on Hazing

For purposes of this Policy, the University adopts and incorporates herein the detailed definitions of hazing set forth in the University’s Code of Student Conduct and Alabama Code § 16-1-23. Simply defined, hazing includes any act that threatens or inflicts physical, emotional, or psychological pressure or injury on an individual or that purposely demeans, degrades, or disgraces an individual.

The University does not condone hazing, regardless of its form.  Indeed, hazing is prohibited by the University’s Code of Student Conduct, and is considered a crime in the State of Alabama under Alabama Code § 16-1-23.  No individual shall directly engage in hazing or indirectly encourage, aid, or assist any other person in hazing.  All students and other University representatives, including employees, should immediately report known or suspected hazing violations as directed herein.

Reporting Hazing

To report hazing, please provide specific information about the hazing incident to any of the following:

If the situation is an emergency and you or someone else needs immediate assistance, please contact UAPD (205-348-5454).

Prohibition on Retaliation

It is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct for a student to retaliate against another student or individual who has made a good faith report of hazing.  Similarly, any University employee who retaliates against an individual who has made a good faith report of hazing will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, up to and including termination.

Additional Information on Hazing

For more information on hazing prevention and reporting, please visit the Hazing Prevention website.


Involvement at UA is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills and to make lifelong friends. The benefits of being involved are virtually immeasurable. At UA you can make your involvement experience your own through a variety of measures! As a leader of an organization, your attention to careful and ethical decision-making is also VERY important.

As students and faculty/staff begin their journey with their organization, we ask that they do the right thing by keeping all members informed, clarifying options, and considering the risk/benefits of all decisions. If actions of individuals or the organization might do more harm than good, then the ethicality of those actions should be considered.

Americans with Disabilities Act

In keeping with its mission and in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, The University of Alabama is committed to providing persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from all programs and services conducted or sponsored by the University.

When planning your events or programs, we ask you to consider these guidelines and use locations that are open and accessible to all students. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) serves as the central contact point for students with disabilities. The goal of ODS is to provide a physically and educationally accessible University environment that ensures an individual is viewed on the basis of ability, not disability. ODS works individually with students to determine appropriate and reasonable academic accommodations and to ensure that students’ academic performance is evaluated apart from the limiting effects of disability. ODS also serves as a resource to faculty members and University departments, assisting them in accommodating the needs of individuals with disabilities in the classroom and other program settings.

While the University strives to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities as fully as possible, reasonable accommodations do not include measures which fundamentally alter the University’s programs and services or which place an undue administrative or financial burden on the University.

Ms. Gwendolyn Hood, University Compliance Officer, has been designated to serve as the ADA Coordinator for the campus. Inquiries concerning ADA requirements and compliance may be directed to Ms. Hood, 171 Rose Administration Building, Box 870300, Tuscaloosa, AL. To report an ADA accessibility problem on campus, you may call the ADA Hotline at 205-348-5882 and leave a message or e-mail

What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination based on the gender of students and employees of educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance.

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” 20 U.S.C. §1681

Title IX encompasses gender discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual assault and sexual violence.

The United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is charged with enforcing compliance with Title IX. For more information on OCR, please visit Office for Civil Rights.

Responsibility to Report

As registered student organizations you are required to report any instances of any of the issues listed above that may arise. If you become aware of any such conduct within your organization, you should immediately report it to the Office of Student Involvement, the Office of Student Conduct, the Women and Gender Resource Center, or the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

Acceptable Use Policies

The University of Alabama provides access to computing and networking facilities and resources as a service primarily to faculty, staff, and students in support of their research, instructional, administrative, and other intellectual pursuits related to and in fulfillment of the University of Alabama’s mission and to the members of the local community, when possible. All users of the electronic resources located on UA’s campus have a responsibility to use these resources in an ethical and legal manner. For information on these policies, visit The Office of Information Technology.