The University of Alabama has 500+ registered student organizations. This section outlines policies, procedures, and guidelines for creating, managing, funding, and maintaining those organizations.

General Policies

As important elements in the co-curricular options offered at The University of Alabama, student organizations offer group members opportunities to enhance, explore, apply, practice, and integrate knowledge and skills gained…

Chalking Policy

Official University policies and procedures regarding sanctioned chalking areas and approved surface spaces for advertising can be found in the Facilities and Grounds Use Policy on the UA Policies website.

Events and Grounds Use Process

The space and facilities of the University are intended primarily for the support of the teaching, research, and service components of its mission. Second priority is given to programs sponsored and conducted by University academic and administrative departments or organizations affiliated with such departments. As such student organizations are afforded the opportunity to request the use of campus grounds for programs, events, etc. Student Organizations who would like to request the use of campus grounds should follow the guidelines outlined in Event-Smart: A Student Organization’s Tool for Effective Event Planning and Approval

Non-Fraternal Student Organizations

Membership in registered student organizations shall be open to all students at The University of Alabama, without regard to race, religion, sex, disability, national origin, color, age, disability, gender…

Social Guidelines

Many of our 500+ student organizations organize social events. These guidelines outline how and when social events should be registered.

Standards For Social Fraternities and Sororities

Recognition of Social Fraternities and Sororities The recognition of fraternities and sororities is, at all times, solely at the discretion of The University of Alabama. Generally, to be recognized, a…

Student Organization Categories

More than 500+ registered student organizations provide University of Alabama students with varied opportunities to become involved in co-curricular and extracurricular activities and programs. When a registered student organization submits a Student Organization Creation or Renewal online via mySOURCE to the Office of Student Involvement, staff will assign an organization type and category to that student organization based on the purposes and objectives of the organization as stated in the constitution and by-laws of the group. Student Involvement will assign the most appropriate “type” to the student organization and “category” from the following:
  1. Student Organization: The majority of organizations at UA fall into this category. These organizations are formed by any group of students currently enrolled at UA, share a common interest, and/or goal and are student-run.
  2. Coordinating Body and/or Sponsored Organization: This category of student organization consists of groups that serve as a function or an extension of a University department, and/or any student organization, which receives significant support from a University entity. This includes, but is not limited to, space, direct guidance or advisement from paid UA staff and/or faculty, resources, funding, etc. These organizations may not be eligible for FAC funds, depending on the nature of their University support.
  3. Sports Club: Sports Club organizations are registered organizations which also have a relationship to the UREC Intramural Office. These organizations are governed by the same guidelines of student organizations, but they are also required to adhere to any guidelines related to sports clubs as established by UREC.
  4. Social/Fraternal Greek Organizations: Social sororities and fraternities are often single-sex organizations which operate in a social nature. These organizations must register with The SOURCE, but they are also required to adhere to any additional registrations or guidelines for good standing established by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and their governing council (IFC, Panhellenic, NPHC, UGC). No social sorority or fraternity may exist at UA without approval from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. An organization that is going through the process of colonization is referred to as a “Provisional Social/Fraternal Greek Organization” ADD GREEK STIPULATIONS HERE FOR REGISTRATION OR WHAT CONSTITUTES THIS DESIGNATION
  5. Honor Society (Student Organization): Honor Societies are organizations which serve an academic purpose, but select membership or invite students to membership. Their registration process includes additional questions regarding their selection and membership criteria, as well as statements regarding ethical behavior. These organizations may be eligible for membership in the Coordinating Council for Honor Societies (CCHS). The Office of Student Involvement currently recognizes any organization that meets the criteria for membership in the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) or has demonstrated longevity/history in its operation with UA for at least 3 or more years as belonging to the category of “Honor Society.” Any organization that does not currently meet that requirement is considered an “Academic” group and should utilize best practices in recruiting, similar to our non-honor society organizations. Groups that are designated with the official category of “Honor Society” may be eligible for limited access to request membership recruiting assistance from the Office of the Registrar when necessary. The Office of Student Involvement is happy to work with any group that does not currently meet that designation to aid in recruiting. There are a number of other useful ways that UA can assist groups who do not meet the above-listed criteria in recruiting a viable membership.
  6. New Student Organization: A new student organization is an organization that has gained approval for provisional status but has not yet completed the stipulations of their status to gain regular “Student Organization” recognition. Any organization which remains in new organization status for three months or more may be frozen or labeled as defunct.
  7. Organization Categories – The following organization categories currently exist within mySOURCE and are assigned by SI:
    • Academic
    • Advocacy
    • Arts/Entertainment
    • Coordinating Body
    • Department
    • Graduate
    • Honor Society
    • Law
    • Military
    • Professional
    • Religion/Spirituality
    • Social/Fraternal
    • Special Interest
    • Sports Clubs
    • Student Government
    • Political
    • Cultural

Currently Registered Student Organizations

The Office of Student Involvement publishes an online Student Organization Directory to help students locate opportunities for involvement. Student organizations submit updated information to the Office of Student Involvement throughout each semester. Students interested in learning more about an organization should contact the Office of Student Involvement or The SOURCE for additional information.